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  1. Buy Nut Bowl for your home decor, tableware by online shopping

    Nut Bowl

    The Nymph Nut Bowl is the perfect for serving exotic dry fruits or chocolates or delicious candies to your special guests.

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    ₹ 645.00

  2. Buy Pitcher, a Home Decoration Product

    Athena Pitcher

    Bring some Grecian chic to your family meals, casual get-togethers and elegant parties with the very graceful Athena Pitcher.

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    ₹ 1,795.00

  3. Enjoy the cup of tea with this Teapot


    Relive the charming elegance of the colonial era during your morning and evening tea rituals with the Regent Teapot.

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    ₹ 1,595.00

  4. Tall water pitcher for your table and home decoration

    Empire Pitcher

    Bring a dash of stately gloss to your dining table with the tall, slim and handsome Empire Pitcher.

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    ₹ 2,345.00

  5. Royal water pitcher for your home decoration

    La Royale Pitcher

    Bring a sprinkle of traditional splendour to your dining experience with this exquisite La Royale Pitcher.

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    ₹ 2,045.00

  6. Buy Decorative Tea Strainer Online in India

    Empress Tea Strainer

    With the very elegant Empress Tea Strainer on your tea tray, soak in the splendour of the Raj era every time you sip your favourite brew.

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    ₹ 745.00

  7. Online Shopping for Canister

    Cadencia Canister

    Bring a touch of French minimalistic chic to your kitchen/ sideboard with the Cadencia Canister.

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    ₹ 745.00

  8. Ripple shaped Basket

    Bread/Fruit Basket

    Bring a touch of vintage charm to your dining table with this elegant Ocean Ripple Bread/Fruit Basket.

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    ₹ 640.00

  9. Buy milk pot online

    Milk Pot

    The Milk Pot makes serving something as simple as milk alongside tea or cereal an experience to savour.

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    ₹ 745.00

  10. Sugar Pot in Nickel finish, material in Brass

    Sugar Pot

    The Selena Sugar Pot is the perfect sweet touch for your tea/ coffee tray and breakfast buffet.

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    ₹ 875.00